About us

We are YourTeam and we believe ​in science of Marketing and delivering value

Our Story

The world is busier than ever. 2,000 product categories, over 500,000 brands worldwide, and businesses are competing for the customer’s attention and are still struggling to develop a unique and distinctive online presence. Saturating the noise of the market and dictating your own rules is not an easy task.

It all started back in 2009 when Lilya Avagyan (the Founder and ​Executive Director of YourTeam Marketing) decided to take her experience in marketing to a new, creative level. 

With that in mind, gathering like-minded, creative, devoted, and committed marketing enthusiasts, she founded YourTeam.

...and things started to spin around the idea of building trust and delivering value to those, willing to enrich their business.

Uncover your brand's full potential with YourTeam of marketing professionals!

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