5 Thanksgiving Marketing Ideas to Promote Your Brand

While it's important to take advantage of the holiday season to boost revenue, it's also important to have a strategy that's focused on long-term success. Having the right approach can help boost sales and improve the company's performance significantly.

The competition is fierce. During the holiday season, customers are constantly hearing about Black Friday, Cyber Monday and other holiday deals. There's a wide range of messaging that comes from various sources, including social media, email, podcasts, and television.

In this guide, we'll walk you through thanksgiving marketing ideas to drive sales and make your brand visible.
Here are five Thanksgiving business marketing ideas and tips that will help you promote your brand and boost sales.
Create a Thanksgiving holiday marketing strategy that covers the entire season, not just THE day
“Deals” are probably among the first thoughts that come to mind when talking about Thanksgiving ideas for businesses. These deals must have longevity to prepare and grab the attention of your customers and potential buyers.
Run promotions that last for a longer period of time (like an entire month) if you are a business trying to use Thanksgiving as a time to attract clients in large numbers.
Conduct market research
Market research can answer many questions about the state of the industry. Market researchers study multiple areas of the market and it can take weeks or even months to get an accurate picture of your business.
However, don't limit your research to typical holiday spending patterns. Study your industry closely to see what customers are looking for this Thanksgiving season. Next, look at what the competitors are doing and have done in the past that has been successful.

This will help you develop the most effective and appealing Thanksgiving advertising plan in your industry.
Choose your Marketing Channels wisely
With each passing holiday season, e-commerce becomes more and more popular, so it's critical to take into account the emerging online trends that are supporting it.

For instance, because the majority of Gen Z consumers get their inspiration from social media, particularly YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok, you would prefer to reach them via more mobile-specific channels.

Therefore, it would be much more efficient to execute your marketing efforts on platforms targeted at devices where younger consumers are looking for it. Remember to use Thanksgiving marketing slogans to grab your potential customers’ attention.
Include Thanksgiving social media posts for business promotion
When it comes to your brand promotion, the importance of SMM can’t be downplayed. After all, in this digital age, every brand has an online presence, and this is important for everyone in the industry whether they are competitors or customers. Incentivize your social media pages with Thanksgiving promotion ideas via Instagram and Facebook advertising campaigns, offering enticing deals and discounts your customers won't be able to resist.
Keep in mind that videos and animated videos for business can get the most engagement compared to all other strategies. You can schedule different types of videos including teasers for upcoming Thanksgiving deals, heart-warming holiday content, tutorials, educational materials, and more. Think of topics your audience would love to read during Thanksgiving, create content around them, and incorporate them into your product or service.

Aside from the above Thanksgiving marketing ideas, there is another marketing strategy that is easy to implement and yields the best results with proper planning. And they're nothing but Thanksgiving-inspired hashtags and the usage of relevant keywords. Learn more about why search engine marketing is important to incorporate into your Thanksgiving marketing strategy.
Include email marketing in your strategy
Send personalized emails. Customized emails have higher opening rates. This is because customers feel valued when they see a brand putting a lot of effort into marketing. Do some research online to find the best time to launch your Thanksgiving email marketing campaigns during the Thanksgiving holiday season. When competition is at its peak, opening and conversion rates tend to drop. So do the necessary research in advance and execute your email marketing at the right time.

Focus on finding a memorable, compelling, and engaging email subject line with a Thanksgiving theme. Include a unique and compelling offer in the subject line of your email that your readers won't be able to resist.
Make your email content visually appealing to grab your customer's attention. Add a Thanksgiving-inspired graphic, GIF, video, or infographic to increase the likelihood of prospects checking out. Make necessary changes in your email platform to match with Thanksgiving themes. Give your emails a festive feel with festive fonts and background images, and add illustrations and animations to the headers and footers of your email templates. To show your appreciation, don't forget to send thank you emails with customized discounts and offers to all your loyal customers. Brainstorm and come up with Thanksgiving newsletter ideas that will create a holiday mood among your consumers.

Generate quality leads with forms embedded in emails for your Thanksgiving campaign. Increase the likelihood of conversion by directing prospects to a specific landing page instead of directing them to your website.
If you want to learn more about the topic read our blog on email marketing tips to include them in your holiday promotion plan. If you need professional help to manage and organize the whole process our experts from YourTeam offer marketing services to make your holiday plan a success!

With that, we want to highlight again how important a proper Thanksgiving marketing plan is to your business. Having a strong holiday marketing strategy not only helps build and raise brand awareness but also helps build credibility and longevity of the brand both among customers and competitors.

As a digital marketing company, we ensure your company's growth through the various marketing services we provide. So, contact us for further information if you are interested and need a professional team to manage your marketing campaigns!
Author: Lilith Aivazyan
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