Celebrating Black Business Month and Why You Should Do It Too

Black Business Month is celebrated all throughout August. It is a time to honor, appreciate and support Black-owned businesses. As the fight for racial equality continues, it is especially important to acknowledge the input Black people have in the business sphere in the United States.

Before diving deep into reasons why supporting and celebrating Black-owned businesses is crucial as well as how you can show your appreciation, let’s take a look at the history behind Black Business Month and how it came about.  

The History

The roots of this annual event go all the way to the year 2004, when two Black men, Frederick E. Jordan, an engineering entrepreneur, and John William Templeton, the president and executive editor of eAccess Corp., partnered up around the idea of giving visibility to Black-owned businesses. 
As men of color in the business industry themselves, both Jordan and Templeton were aware of the unique struggles non-White businesses face. Their desire to raise awareness about businesses owned by members of the African-American community set the start of celebrating Black Business Month every August. 

Reasons to Celebrate 

Unfortunately, businesses owned by minorities are still being confronted with many challenges: White-owned businesses are not and will never be familiar with. This makes Black Business Month all the more important. 
Through the celebration of Black Business Month, we empower the African-American community and encourage them to follow careers in the business industry. This empowerment, in turn, leads to the much desired equality and equity.

Moreover, this celebration is likely to result in diversity and inclusivity, another desired achievement of a progressive society. Encouraging minorities to develop their business ideas and bring them to life will not only lead to diversification of the business scene but will also positively impact the economy as a whole.  

Black Business Month simply supports minorities,

whose business ventures are more likely to be unsuccessful due to systematic racism. Showing up for the African-American community, acknowledging their struggles and advocating for their right to follow their dreams, are great steps to take on the way to destroy a vicious, racist cycle that has affected generations and continues to do so.  

How to Support 

There are many ways to support Black-owned businesses, not just during Black Business Month but all year round. Both fellow business and regular consumers have the opportunity to champion businesses owned by African-Americans.  
One of the biggest ways other businesses can show their support is by promoting Black-owned businesses on their social media pages and sharing some information within their community. Since many minority-owned businesses tend to have a smaller following, many followers of your business might not have even heard about them. By posting about them on your social media pages, raising awareness about what they do and encouraging your followers to check-out their products and give them a follow will be of great help.  
Another way to support would be to collaborate with Black-owned businesses as well as influencers. Anything from selling their products in your shop to resharing their posts would not only put them on the map for your customers but also, hopefully, positively affect their sales. You could even organize a giveaway or a contest, where the winners would receive products of the Black-owned brand. 
A great way for consumers to support businesses owned by minorities would be to buy from such businesses. Next time you come across a product by a Black-owned brand, give it a try and if you like it, share with your family and friends. Word-to-mouth advertising is one of the most effective ways to raise awareness about a brand, so don't hesitate to recommend the product or the service to people you know. Furthermore, you can recommend it to people you do not know as well. Leave a positive review, which can potentially help the business gain new customers.  

We Support You

YourTeam Marketing is happy to support Black-owned businesses all throughout August as well as the rest of the year. We stand by Black business owners and want to honor and celebrate them during this special month. Running a business is not easy, especially as a minority, which is why we salute you on your perseverance. 
Author: Zhanna Kuroyan
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