How to Make Your Holiday Digital Marketing Campaign a Success 

The festive season is quickly approaching, and it's arriving far earlier for those in the world of digital marketing than for anyone else. Is digital marketing important? The answer is undoubtedly yes!

Digital marketing for small businesses is crucial during the holidays since it is a great time to attract the attention of your customers and promote your products and services. The months of November and December are the busiest thanks to the year-end and New Year holidays. The NRF (National Retail Federation) says retail sales during the 2021 holiday season increased by 14.1% from 2020 to $886.7 billion.
The success of holidays, however, largely relies upon your seasonal digital marketing efforts and their timing. Special coupons and digital ads are not enough to get noticed anymore. Additionally, why would anyone even want to restrict their marketing scope when the benefits of the internet exist?

During the holiday season, customers are bombarded with messages from businesses of all types and sizes. So, if you don’t make your business get noticed by using a digital marketing strategy, you will lose a significant amount of potential sales. The best way to make your business stand out is to make sure it’s eye-catching, which is why having a professional team from digital marketing agencies such as YourTeam is important for your business. After all, having fantastic products/services and festive promotions is useless if nobody sees and learns about them, or customers can’t remember them. 
Have your digital marketing guide by your side and get to work. Since more people are shopping online this year than ever before, it is crucial to use digital marketing for businesses and increase sales during the festive season.

We have prepared some tips for planning and executing the perfect digital marketing strategy for businesses this holiday season.
Digital marketing analytics
Analyzing your performance over the past year is the best way to learn and improve your current efforts. Such digital marketing analytics allow you to see what has worked well in the last few years. You can consider the information on your best-selling products and the days with the most traffic in your digital marketing strategy to achieve greater results.

This information can help marketers learn what activities to repeat and what needs to be improved and which products or services need to be promoted on the business website’s homepage. Additionally, this data will also help you understand the best timing to target seasonal campaigns and promotional offers that will lead to the most conversions.
Prepare your website and social media accounts for the holidays
Social media is a great platform to spread some holiday joy and draw attention to your business. When you’re preparing your website for the festive season, people should feel the holiday spirit when they land on your website. Keep in mind the current branding trends when designing your website. This will allow you to rank high in the search results for holiday-themed queries in order to attract holiday shoppers. You also need to demonstrate your products in an intriguing and user-friendly way.

Write an interesting blog for all the products or services you want customers to add to their personal wishlists. One of the most crucial parts of this digital marketing strategy is to use internal links to improve user experience and let customers know where they can purchase directly on your website.

With more than 2.9 billion monthly active users on Facebook, there's never been a better time to start connecting with current and potential customers through social media than now. Use the best digital marketing trends in social media and you are ready! We all know the power of social media and keeping social media accounts active shouldn't cost you more than your time. If people keep seeing your posts promoting great deals and products at your store, they will most likely check them out when the time comes! Bring attention to your business. A festive theme is not only friendly and welcoming, but will also convince customers to visit your social media profiles and website for some holiday shopping! For even more attention and engagement for your holiday promotions include hashtags. You can't ignore some of the most common holiday hashtags in your social media posts.
Also, don’t forget to incorporate email marketing this holiday as yet another type of digital marketing.service. You can make special promotions and sales available exclusively to your email subscribers before they’re available to the public. You can use this opportunity to attract further members to your mailing list when promoting these exclusive seasonal offers.

Schedule several emails to gain attention to your holiday offer. There are a variety of offers to consider, including updating your customers on your upcoming deals or rewarding them with special discounts and coupons. Your email subscribers can use the benefit of a special discount code for your promoted products or services during their holiday shopping.
Offer promotions and discounts
One of the most widely spread but also efficient digital marketing solutions to boost holiday sales is to offer special promotions and discounts on your products and services. This is a period that customers always look forward to at the end of the year, so make sure to come up with great deals to offer. Although a tremendous amount of purchases are made during this season, it doesn’t mean that customers lose their price sensitivity. The reality is quite the opposite, people try to take advantage of the offered deals and discounts to save money during this time of the year.

You can implement the promotion of your deals through your website, social media accounts, email list, and digital ads. The holidays are an excellent time to come forward with your finest deals, coupons, and other types of promotions. Two-for-one deals, vouchers and coupons for freebies after a certain number of purchases, and free delivery are all types of numerous promotions you can offer. Giving free delivery options will encourage your buyers to use the opportunity. 
Additionally, you can partner with other companies to create cross-promotional holiday deals as a part of your digital marketing strategy. Make sure your promotion includes all relevant details such as the date of sales and terms and conditions. Once a customer has used one of your offers, don't forget to acknowledge them. This can be done by sending a simple email or a customized thank you note.
Promote your products as gifts
This is especially useful for customers who pick up a last-minute gift right before attending a festive party or holiday celebration. You can use this opportunity to solve customers’ problems of gift wrapping by suggesting your products as pre-packaged, ready-to-give gifts.

Additionally, you can sort the items in your gift list by categories, such as gifts for family members, gifts for friends, gifts for newlyweds, and more. This type of digital marketing for small business will solve several issues for customers and allow them to find gifts for their loved ones while saving time.
Use retargeting
Retargeting/remarketing ads allow you to target buyers who have previously visited your website. Use this opportunity to promote holiday products that they may be interested in or any promotions that should encourage them to purchase.

Up until the holiday, most shoppers will be looking for gifts and presents, however, after the holiday season, a lot of buyers will be trying to catch those holiday sales and offers. This means that retargeting after the holidays is just as important for boosting sales as during the festive season.
Your January deals and promotions are a great way to re-engage your buyers after the holiday season - you just need to find the right message! For example, a digital marketing campaign saying, now it’s your time to get a gift, can turn holiday gifters into buyers.
To sum up
The point of digital marketing is to stand out from all the other advertisements and offers you see on the internet, so it's important to be creative when planning your holiday marketing and promotions. In this way, you create something fun and memorable for your customers while building brand awareness.

Need a digital marketing company to help plan the perfect holiday digital marketing strategy? Feel free to contact YourTeam Marketing for advanced digital marketing services. Our talented team of marketers will offer you the best digital marketing solutions your company needs and help you convey the necessary messages to your present and potential customers.
Author: Lilith Aivazyan
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