PR in Digital Marketing: Concepts and Trends 

It is impossible to imagine the operations of any business without marketing. Due to the digitalization of all fields, nowadays people have access to information in a matter of a few seconds. Even though digital presence gives brands larger and faster exposure to their target audiences, the challenge of competition still makes it difficult to stand out. The digital space is already overfilled with content. So how do brands differentiate themselves and generate convertible leads? This is when branding services come to help! 
However, these two concepts are not the same. Generally speaking, branding is the narrative behind the company’s establishment and its product offerings. Whereas, marketing is the way this narrative is communicated to the target market. Another concept that is often used interchangeably with marketing and branding is public relations (PR). Even though the goals of both PR and marketing is to communicate with the public about the company’s values and offerings, PR is more concerned with creating a positive public image for the brand and building relationships. 
In this article, we will discuss different concepts such as marketing, branding, the digitalization of the industry and how it affects the business branding. Additionally, we will touch upon the concept of online PR and its role in marketing. 

The Concept of Marketing 

Back in the 16th century, when the term marketing first appeared in dictionaries, it was mostly explained as the process of buying and selling products in the market. Over time, with the development of different types of content, marketing became a more creative industry. Fast forward to the present, digital marketing is the biggest trend of the field. Digital marketing is very broad and includes different channels of communication.
Furthermore, the role of content marketing has increased exponentially. During the past few years, the most widely used content type in digital marketing has been video and animation. Many innovative marketing and branding companies, such as YourTeam.Marketing, specialize in video and animation creations to capture the attention of the target audience.

Additionally, analytics and data have evolved into a more substantial role in marketing over time. Previously, not many companies were creating marketing campaigns based on data analysis. Marketing decisions were made based on more of a gut feeling. However, nowadays all of the online platforms mentioned earlier provide marketers with tracking tools that give detailed information about the consumer behavior, preferences and so much more. Almost all of the digital marketing agencies now offer data analysis and reporting services as an addition to their other service offerings.  

What is Branding? 

With more than 500,000 brands around the world, competition to differentiate yourself in the market became very challenging. Branding is the narrative hidden behind the products that the company sells. It became rather difficult to come up with an innovative product or service that no one else has thought about. However, if the story is unique, people will prefer one brand over the other. Generally, there is a perception that good branding is all about the logo and slogan. 
However, there are many other aspects to the branding strategy that play an equally important role in the brand perception by consumers.
The first aspect is brand positioning. Any new product or service strives to satisfy the needs of consumers. Before coming up with the branding strategy, there is a need to answer this question: Why do our products/services matter to people? The answer to this question will help the company position itself in the right direction. 
The second aspect is the brand promise, which is tightly connected with the positioning. After determining the mission and vision of the brand, it is very important to comprehensively communicate that message to the target audience. 
The third important aspect of branding is the brand identity, which infers the description of the brand’s personality. In other words, what is the personal branding of the company? It can be excitement, sincerity, ruggedness, competence, or sophistication. However, there is a need to choose one so that consumers resonate with the brand. 
Last but not least, brand narrative is used to connect emotionally with the consumers. Stories matter and they connect people instantly.

Digital Marketing: Main Components 

As already mentioned earlier, digital marketing is the most prevalent form of marketing currently. Some of the major components of digital marketing are social media, search engines, pay per click (PPC) advertising, content writing, visual creation, lead generation, email marketing, and many more. It may seem overwhelming for a lot of companies, especially when they are just starting out. That is why many of them trust marketing and branding agencies, such as YourTeam.Marketing, that provide all of the digital marketing services to help successfully run the business.

Now let’s briefly look at two of the most used digital marketing tools: social media and SEO.  
There are over 3.48 active billion social media users, which indicates the enormous potential for brand exposure. However, all of the companies realize this opportunity and try to take advantage of it. Hence, there is the major issue of differentiation through content and social media branding. To make sure that the social media strategy is effective, it is essential to understand the networks that the company’s target audience spends their time on the most. The second important question to answer is the budget, according to which the campaigns could be monitored and improved. Lastly, there is a need to determine the goal that the campaign wants to achieve. Is it lead generation, sales conversion, or just general brand awareness?
The second widely used tool in digital marketing is SEO. Data shows that 94% of Google users only scroll through the first page of the results. This means that companies need to work hard to land on the first page of search results for their company-specific keywords. Roughly speaking, that is what SEO is all about. Many marketers consider SEO the hardest and most challenging part of the digital marketing strategy. However, three of the most important factors that define the content that customers look for in any website are informative value, quality, and clear messaging. 

Latest Trends in Digital Marketing and Branding

Regarding digital marketing trends in 2022, YourTeam.Marketing would like to start with the recent Google algorithm updates. The search results will become more personalized this year which means that each person will receive more filtered answers to their search queries. Furthermore, keywords will still remain important, however, there is no need to repeat the same keyword several times for Google to detect the content. It is recommended to use the synonyms of the keywords, and avoid being considered spam content.
In terms of the social media trends, we would like to start with TikTok. It is by far the fastest growing social media platform, which has the highest engagement rate. It is important to keep track of the trending audio on TikTok and use them to make short, engaging videos. One of the advantages of TikTok is that videos can be made using only your phone and the result could be hundreds of thousands of views in a matter of days. 
In terms of the content types, the recent formats that are becoming more popular are videos and podcasts. People have less time to read nowadays, which makes their attention span shorter as well. Therefore, it is important to engage in such content creation that could be consumed without any additional effort made by the user. 

The Role of PR in Marketing  

PR is one of the most widely used terms in marketing. 
It includes different disciplines, such as corporate, marketing, and crisis communications. A typical PR agency generally works with different media channels, such as TV, print, and social media to communicate the latest company updates, achievements, and news to the public. In order to differentiate more clearly between PR and marketing, let’s look at some ways that PR fits into the integrated marketing strategy of the brand. 
Firstly, events are a great way to earn more brand exposure and generate valuable relationships. Besides organizing their own events, many companies also sponsor industry-specific events, such as conferences and workshops. 
Another event marketing practice that many PR managers integrate into the overall strategy of brand promotion are press releases. These are classical ways of interacting with the media and sharing the recent PR news of the company. 
Last but not least, blogging and social media are two of the main platforms that marketing companies, such as Your.Team Marketing use for PR purposes. These channels can be used to share important information in a matter of seconds with a wider range of audiences than a press release or a company event could engage. 
To learn more about the different services that YourTeam.Marketing offers, as well as to stay up to date with the latest digital marketing and branding trends, visit our official website or connect with us on social media.
Author: Olimpia Mkrtchyan
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