SEO Basics: Search Engine Optimization Explained for Everyone

The Senior Product Manager of Bing, Duane Forrester, mentioned,​ 
"On a broad scale, I see SEO becoming a normalized marketing tactic, the same way TV, radio, and print are traditionally thought of as marketing tactics." 
Who would have thought that a thing which was avoided yet in the 90s would be among the fastest-growing industries and most crucial marketing tools today? Yes, we talk about Search Engine Optimization (SEO) - the wizard of search engines that help your website rank high in the search results. Considering that SEO is a way of acquiring non-paid or so-called organic traffic, it should be a secret formula full of factors in need of discovery. So, let's dig deeper into the innovative website progression tool and explore it from a more professional viewpoint.

SEO 101: The Meaning and Importance 

The professional Search Engine Optimization definition is: SEO is a practice of conducting the website's progression by boosting the quality and quantity of the traffic alongside the exposure to the particular brand. Keep in mind that everything is based upon organic results on search engines. When we say organic, we mean non-paid. Never mismatch Search Engine Optimization (SEO) with Pay Per Click (PPC). Yes, both aim to reach the same exact goal of progressing the website. However, specialists conduct SEO through non-paid search engine results, while PPC is all about paid advertising on the pages of search engine results. 

The central part of Search Engine Optimization that each SEO specialist is very well aware of includes the knowledge of:

what people search online 
what questions they have and what answers they want to encounter online 
the language they use to be on the same page with them 
the type of content they are willing to allocate time for 
Knowing these is not just a fancy trend that needs to be followed. Instead, knowing the details helps the SEO specialist connect with people on a psychological level and deliver the solution your company offers directly to that engaged consumer through the best Search Engine Optimization tools.
There, it is crucial to know that knowing who your audience is means knowing only half of SEO. The other half is all about finding a way to make the deliverables maximum understandably for search engine crawlers. 
These machines that give out millions of answers every day analyze a vast amount of content according to millions of factors to eventually opt out the one that is the closest to fit your needs, wants, and expectations. The whole process is called crawling and indexing which helps Search Engine Optimization Specialist explore and classify all types of content available on the Internet, including videos, web pages, images, etc. After, the process of ranking starts, which encompasses the ordering of already-examined content available on the Internet. 
These three procedures ensure the appearance of the most relevant and engaging websites on the first pages of search engines, i.e., Google. 
It seems like the importance of SEO gets clear. If paid advertising, PPC, and social media ads work really well and bring a lot of traffic to websites, SEO services work better without significant investments. The thing is that users rely on non-paid traffic generation techniques because no one likes the idea of being fooled or manipulated (most of the time, paid ads create such an impression). As Search Engine Optimization is a non-paid traffic generation technique that works perfectly for everyone and seems like SEO conducts nothing extraordinary, consumers are aligned to believe in what pops up first because of SEO. At the end of the day, these people don't even know that the first link they encounter while searching for daily news is of the website that conducts Search Engine Optimization services on a professional level. For you to imagine the extent of SEO effectiveness, statistics show that approximately 3% of the target audience clicks on paid ads, while SEO results in bringing about 20 times more traffic than any type of paid advertising. See, no matter how well your company conducts social media marketing alongside other marketing techniques and strategies, it won't progress as quickly as you expect without Search Engine Optimization. 
Consider conducting all three types of SEO, including on-page, off-page, and technical SEOs. Each of the listed ones contributes to the development of your company's website in a totally different yet crucial way.  

On-page SEO services take care of the website's image alt-tags, blog content, internal links of relevant content, title tags, product copy, etc. 

Off-page SEO concentrates on the externalities of the website and strengthens the website from the outside through backlinks. 

Technical SEO handles everything connected with the technicalities of the website to optimize Search Rankings and improve the process of crawling, k indexing, and ranking. 

Essential Tactics of SEO for Company Success 

Keyword Research

The primary thing certifying SEO success is how specialists take care of keyword research. Thanks to keyword research, SEO specialists are capable of identifying what people search for on the Internet. According to the most-searched words and phrases, the Search Engine Optimization Specialist creates a list of keywords. Those are supposed to drive traffic to the website because Search Engine Pages are aligned to show websites with well-researched content on the first pages of search engines. There are multiple tools that many marketing agencies utilize to succeed in keyword research. However, a creative digital marketing agency like YourTeam Marketing Agency starts with brainstorming the most relevant words on a particular topic. 
Only after the creative brainstorming process, SEO masters of YourTeam undertake keyword research using the best search engine optimization tools like SemRush, AhRefs, etc.
You can trust your company to us and know an in-detail SEO strategy specifically designed for you. 

Meta Tags

At first, the phrase "Meta Tag" may seem complicated or foreign to you, but it is the same as the title of the page that you see in search results. If explained in a detailed way, Meta Tags encompass the <title> and the <description> elements of the page that appears in search results. 

Each should be created with a specific word count:

The <title> - 60 characters the maximum 
The <description> - 160 characters the maximum
It seems short, but it is the best way to boost search ranking up for your website.
The secret lies in choosing the best keywords for your business and crafting a creative yet easy-to-understand title alongside a description. Don't forget that each user has less than 10 seconds to be lured by the <title> and <description> you put.  


As you can see, Search Engine Optimization is not a technique implemented separately from others. It needs to be accompanied by solid content marketing to succeed. Meaning, you should ensure that the marketing agency or marketing specialists you have are merely the best in content writing, content marketing, and SEO. Assumedly, if they are great at these, they conduct other digital marketing services perfectly. 

That content gets created based on keywords the Search Engine Optimization Specialist provides.

Only after in-depth keyword research, content writers start the creative process of talking to the customer in the best way to create that positive user experience everyone is looking for.  
Have a look at YourTeam Marketing Agency's website to have it as an example of how website Search Engine Optimization should be conducted content-wise. 

At the end of the day, maybe you are the next successful partner of YourTeam; 



When we talk about backlinks, keep in mind that we are talking about power. Yes, backlinks are the power that every SEO specialist has access to, but only a few know how to craft them to have the high-quality links bringing people to your website from another high-traffic one. One way of putting backlink strategy into work is to distribute press releases each month to niche websites with high traffic. Other than that, you can either create relevant and eye-catchy graphics to attract influencers to link your website or newsworthy content to attract news websites again to link your website.


that you always have the option of contacting famous blogs and bloggers in your niche and seeing what they can offer you to put your backlinks into work.

Top Three SEO Trends and Priorities of 2022

Teamcy, the marketing expert of YourTeam Marketing Agency, wants to share with you the top three SEO trends and priorities of 2022 that are on digital marketing news these days.

Let's go!

Mobile Experience

Today, people prefer mobiles over desktops, which means that being mobile-first is not new in Search Engine Optimization. You should instead be delivering a mobile-ready experience. To do it best and differentiate yourself amid competition, you should optimize your website for a mobile experience. Believe Teamcy, this marketing expert, knows the key to success for all types of companies. 

Long yet Quality Content

This may seem sad for content writers out there, but the content writers of YourTeam love it! You can't even imagine the difference between website search engine optimization when you prepare short, repetitive articles and when you do long, engaging articles for the reader. Besides the positive shift in content, long articles optimize better, seem relevant, and attract readers as a finding from experts. Be the expert for your reader!

EAT Google Principle 

EAT is all about content quality, meaning Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trust. If you want Google to like your website and put you on its first page because of conducting the best Search Engine Optimization services, then go for EAT. Three variables and your content are all about quality, engagement, and relevance. 

Stay tuned for discovering marketing together further! 


Author: Veronika Abrahamyan
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