UI/UX Design: Everything You Need to Know About the Latest Marketing Trend 

UI design and UX design, the latest digital marketing trends, are terms that are often confused in web and app design. This is not surprising, as you would usually see them next to each other - UI/UX design. So if you want to learn more about them, understand the difference between UI and UX design, what they even mean, and when they are being used, you have come to the right place. 

What is UI/UX Design?

UI refers to the "user interface design," whereas UX is short for the term "user experience design." UI UX design tools work very close together professionally. However, they serve different functions in the product design development process. 

What is The Essence of UX design? 

User experience design is a way of creating products that put the user first. The first time the term "user experience" was used was in the late 1990s, by the cognitive scientist Don Norman. Here is how he describes the UX design: 
Non-digital UX Design includes any kind of interaction between a potential or current consumer and the company. It could be applied to anything: cars, street signs, shelvings in the supermarkets, a coffee machine, even a website. User experience design considers every aspect of the products that will convey a certain experience to the customers. 
UX has been a prominent part of the digital world,  as it was invented around the same time the tech industry started to grow. 
The UX designer's main priority is to analyze and think about how the experience of using a certain product makes the customer feel.
Another key factor is observing whether the usage of the product makes things easier for the customers. So, the ultimate goal of UX design is to provide users with simple, relevant, efficient, and overall enjoyable experiences. 

In a nutshell:

The process of designing and increasing the quality of interaction between a user and all aspects of a company is known as user experience design.
Theoretically, user experience design is a non-digital (cognitive science) profession, although it is mostly utilized and developed by the digital industries.
UX design focuses on the customer's feelings and providing a positive experience, not on the aesthetics and visuals.

What is The Essence of UI Design?

User interface design is no less challenging and crucial than User experience design. However, it is in charge of turning a product's creation, research, content, and structure into an appealing, guiding, and flexible user experience.
User interface design is entirely digital. It considers a product's visual and interactive features, such as color schemes, typography, icons, spacing, buttons, and layout. 
User interface design aims to visually lead the user through a product's interface. It is all about helping the customer easily adapt and understand the interface without spending much time figuring it out. 
UI design ensures that a product's interface is coherent, cohesive, and visually pleasant by transferring the brand's qualities and visual assets to it.
Now we have a clear understanding of UI/UX design services, and we can proceed with defining their differences. 

What are The Key Differences Between UI/UX Design?

To make things easier, let's imagine them in the form of the human body:
The bones reflect the coding that gives a product structure. The organs reflect user experience design: operating and functioning, so the body stays alive. And user interface design embodies the body's looks, appearance, sensations, and reactions. 
However, suppose you are interested in UI/UX design specialization. In that case, the good news is you don't require UI design abilities to be a UX designer, and vice versa—the two professions are distinct and require different methods and duties. 

UX design has to do with providing the customer with a positive experience. In contrast, UI design offers the product's interface an aesthetically pleasing appearance and makes it easy to use.

A user experience designer thinks about the user's full path to solving an issue; what steps are they taking for that? What are the duties they must complete? Is the experience with the product positive? 
For that, UX designers will do a lot of user research to determine the target consumers and their wants for a certain product. They'll then sketch out how the user gets to the product, the user's path across a product, taking into account factors like information architecture (how the material is arranged and categorized across a product), and what functions the customer might want.

After all of this planning, the UI designer takes over to bring it to life. The user interface designer takes into account all of the visual parts of the user's journey, for example, the different screens and touchpoints that the user may use, whether that be scrolling down a page, using buttons, or swiping through applications.  

UI design is all about developing visually beautiful and interactive interfaces, whereas UX design focuses on recognizing and solving user issues.

The user experience (UX) is generally the initial step in the product development process.  
The UX designer maps out the user journey. Then the UI designer comes up with their visual and interactive feature solutions. 
UX may be applied to any product, or service, whereas UI is only applicable to the digital world. 

Why are UI/UX Design and Development Services Interconnected? 

UX and UI go hand in hand in product design, and in today's competitive market, having both elements properly is critical. Whether you want to proceed to work as a UX or UI designer, it's always better to have an understanding of both spheres, as they are highly interconnected; it is difficult to avoid working with these two together.

Imagine you've created a never done before app concept that's lacking from the market and has the potential to transform people's lives. You appoint a user experience designer to research your users and determine the appropriate features for your app. You incorporate them into your app and map what the complete user journey should look like. If your UX designer succeeds in this, your app will have something your users want and need. 
Let's suppose when they download it, they discover that, for example, the text font or coloring used in the app is difficult to read. Or, the buttons are put so close to each other that the users accidentally press the wrong one. This is a typical example of a poor user interface ruining a good UX.

On the contrary, let's say your UI designer has created the most beautiful-looking website for your company with stunning visuals and animations. But, when opening, your customers realize that it's difficult to figure out, and they have to spend much time understanding its construction. This is a case of a bad UX destroying a well-done UI design.  

That is why UX and UI have such a big interconnection. 


Where Do You Learn UI/UX Design Skills?

Many college institutions offer programs teaching UI or UX design skills. Fortunately, a lot of content about it is also available on the Internet. You can even find a UI UX design course online, which is free and provides basic knowledge about the sphere. After that, you can proceed with registering for training with mentors, who'll teach you professional skills to get a job.  

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Author: Zhanna Kuroyan
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