Why Do Companies Need Search Engine Marketing? 

No business can run away from marketing. It is a necessity to succeed in any industry. It is closely tied with other departments of the company ensuring that the company delivers exactly what customers expect. Furthermore, in the age of digitalization and the rise of technology, digital marketing is a trend that is affecting all industries. Digital marketing is so broad that for many companies it is impossible to cover all of the sectors within the organization’s team. That is why many companies choose to work with digital marketing agencies, such as YourTeam.Marketing.
One of the widely used digital marketing tools is search engine marketing (SEM). Numbers show that 93% of all online experiences start with search engines, like Google. This means that people search for products and services that interest them on Google, Bing, or any other search engine before trying to search social media or other online channels. This is why getting engaged in SEM will help companies attract more people and convert them from leads to prospective buyers. But what is search engine marketing? Let’s dig deeper to get a better understanding.

The definition of search engine marketing can be complex, but in simple terms, it is a form of marketing that promotes websites by increasing their visibility on search engine results pages. 
The two main search engine marketing strategies are search engine optimization (SEO), and pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. SEO refers to the optimization of websites to increase their organic results, whereas, PPC refers to the paid advertisements that appear on top of the organic search results. To better understand these concepts, let’s look at some examples of search engine marketing.

To begin with search engine marketing optimization, keywords are one of the most important details. Keywords are what people use to search for things that they are interested in. Finding the right balance between having the right amount of keywords in the content and providing the reader with valuable content to read can be quite difficult. That is why the best search engine marketing companieSs, like YourTeam.Marketing, provide a list of keywords, as well as keyword density for their content writers to incorporate. This search engine marketing strategy makes sure that the content has a natural flow of keywords and does not sound weird to the reader. 
Additionally, local search engine marketing is another reason that many businesses choose to work with companies that provide search engine marketing services. When trying to rank high on search results of a particular country, the content needs to be optimized in the local language. Search engine marketing companies already have the resources to do that, which makes raising brand awareness easier.

To better understand search engine marketing solutions, the following sections cover digital marketing in general, as well as go into more details about SEO, PPC solutions, and the importance of content in search engine marketing.

SEO and PPC Basics 

Coming back to the concept of search engine marketing in digital marketing, let’s look at SEO and PPC basics in more detail. The most widely used channel for running PPC ads is Google Ads. Even though other search engines provide PPC ad options too, based on the number of traffic that Google receives, almost every digital marketing agency uses Google Ads for PPC purposes. Based on the objective of the campaign, you can choose your ads to appear on the top of the search results along with the landing page where you want your customers to go. 
Here comes the concept of bidding for keywords. When consumers search for a specific keyword, Google decides to show only certain ads based on the amount of money that the company bid for that keyword, as well as the overall ad quality. That is why articulate keyword research helps to bid with less amount for keywords that are not very popular, however, people still use them to search for things. Working with a search engine marketing agency, like YourTeam.Marketing will help in developing targeted keyword bidding strategies.

On the other hand, SEO refers to the optimization of the website to rank it organically. This search engine marketing strategy is very challenging because it is difficult to generate results right off the bat. However, there are some important aspects that would help with improved SEO performance. Content strategy is one of these aspects, which is discussed in more detail in the upcoming section. 

The Importance of Content in SEM 

Google always tries to provide the best experience for its users by showing content that actually matters. That is why all of the successful search engine marketing examples definitely circle around content management and keyword strategy. 
Some of the essential components of content that any company should take into consideration are quality, intent, and freshness. 
Quality of content refers to the value that the content provides to the end user. It is measured through the number of keywords used, as well as through looking at the amount of time people spend on reading that content. In other words, the bounce rate.
Intent refers to the reason behind people's searching for certain things. Google always tries to understand that to make sure that the search results are satisfactory. Any content creator should try to grasp the intent of potential readers as well. 
Freshness of content refers to the frequency of the posts. Google tracks the number of times valuable content is posted on a website and takes that into account for the search rankings. 

Digital Marketing Guide  

With over 3.6 billion people around the world using social media every day, it is vital for any company to get to know this marketing practice and be good at it. Digital marketing encompasses all of the major concepts of marketing in general, however, the channels to communicate with consumers are virtual. Some of the most famous digital marketing strategies are social media (SMM), search engine marketing (SEM), email marketing, etc. Now let’s look at some important steps that account for a successful digital marketing strategy. 
The first step would be setting clear goals. One important detail to note is that goals need to be measurable. An example of a campaign goal would be increasing the traffic to the website by 5%.
Secondly, the target audience has to be clearly defined to make sure that the message the campaign conveys is valuable to the receiver. 
The third step includes researching the online market, comparing it with competitor strategies, and characterizing the end consumers more efficiently. Lastly, the right digital marketing channels need to be chosen to ensure that the campaign is visible to the target audience through the platforms that they use the most.
Companies like YourTeam.Marketing, which provide digital marketing services, cover all of these steps in great detail and provide their clients with measurable objectives and results. 

Current and Expected Digital Marketing Trends 

Having talked about search engine marketing and its components, we would like to mention some of the digital marketing trends as a final note. One update that Google is planning to make in 2022 is to make sure that the search results are as personalized as possible. Based on the preferences and the intent of the user, the results will differ. This is an additional challenge for companies and another reason for choosing to work with the best search engine marketing companies, like YourTeam.Marketing. 
Another update is related to keywords. Google will start detecting synonyms of keywords as well to cut down the spam content. That is why keyword research needs to be even more detailed than ever before. These trends prove the forever-evolving concept of digital marketing and the importance of always keeping up with the latest trends and updates in the industry. 
Author: Olimpia Mkrtchyan
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